Escape the Labyrinth! Draw cards and use them to make your move across the board and defeat enemies. Utilize time manipulating cards to get the jump on your foes in this strategic card battler.


Movement cardYou can use the movement card to move
Drag it to the playfield and select where you
want to move
Attack cardDrag to the play field and select the enemy you want to
Cancel Action[Esc]
Time reverse cardDrag to the play field and select an enemy then press space to confirm or cancel it. This card moves the enemy back 2 turns. The position
indicated by the white dot.


Code: Max Campbell

Game Design: Lehan Botha

Art: HaywireJo

Audio: Orbenism

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsHaywireJo, Lehan Botha, orbenism, Max Campbell
GenreStrategy, Adventure, Card Game


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Is there a way to see what the enemy's movement range is?


that is something we are considering as we continue to build this into a full release, however in the current build enemy movement is not telegraphed to the player